There’s nothing like a brilliant hardwood floor to bring warmth and style to a room. Hardwood is now more durable and richly colored than ever, we guarantee that together we’ll find the perfect type of wood and stain for your home! Whether you want vintage charm or a bold statement, we can make the time-tested appeal of authentic wood floors work for you.

Solid VS Engineered

Solid hardwood is made up of planks that are single, continuous pieces of solid wood. This type of floor can be sanded and refinished many times because of its thickness. These classic floors are more rustic and old-fashioned.

Engineered hardwood floors are a more durable variety of surface, consisting of several layers of wood with a solid wood veneer on top. An engineered wood floor will stand up to moisture and can be installed even in basements because of the way it’s affixed to the subfloor. Engineered hardwood will update your home and give you a modern look.

Will hardwood floors stand up to kids, pets, and moving furniture?

Different species of wood have different degrees of hardness. Our flooring specialists will help you pick a species based on the demands of your floors. Whether you’re worried about pet nails, high-traffic areas, heavy pieces of furniture, or the unpredictable nature of children, we can match you with the hardwood whose beauty will last the longest in your home. Make sure you let us know what your concerns are and we’ll bring our most durable samples right to you!

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Floors

Reclaimed wood

Looking for wood floors that will reduce your environmental impact? We offer a variety of reclaimed wood floors, which can be sanded and refinished to look brand new, without contributing to deforestation! When quality wood is torn up carefully, it can be moved to a new location and revived, retaining quality and character while it gets a new look. Whether you’re cultivating an environmentally conscious home, or you want a clean-running eco-friendly business, reclaimed wood is a great option and a beautiful conversation piece! Reclaimed wood is so beautiful that tons of samples decorate the very front of our shop in Waldorf, MD.

Bamboo (No longer Provide)

In the DMV area we often experience (off) seasonal weather that causes unpredictable contraction and expansion resulting in cracks.

If your space demands higher durability than wood, have a look at the bamboo option. Technically a variety of grass, bamboo grows incredibly fast so it’s a sustainable source of quality flooring. Bamboo is also highly resistant to moisture, pests, and mildew, and it’s harder than oak! Bamboo comes in a variety of looks, from floors that look unique and modern to hardwood lookalikes that can convince even the most senior flooring experts.

Refinish Hardwood

  • Stain new unfinished hardwood to match existing flooring in your home
  • Sand and Finish old hardwood to look like new
  • Choose your color and number of coats