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Current Open Positions : Lead Carpenter

Porter & Porter Floor Coverings is family-owned and operated. As a family, we’re invested in community enrichment: we take pride in our tireless dedication to uplifting small businesses, local outreach, and the arts. Our prices stay reasonable so that new and clean floors are accessible at any stage of life. At Porter & Porter, we believe in building a strong community and maintaining a clean earth for the next generation. Our business seeks equipment and products from only the best suppliers. We strive to give you the broadest selection of flooring and maintenance materials, whether you’re looking to polish your place of business or brighten your home. Our work can be seen in residential, commercial, and government buildings and places of worship all over DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Job Title: Lead Carpenter

Job Overview:
We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Lead Carpenter to join our team. As a Lead Carpenter, you will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating all carpentry activities on projects, ensuring high-quality workmanship, adherence to safety regulations, and timely project completion. The ideal candidate will possess strong leadership skills, excellent carpentry expertise, and the ability to manage a team effectively.

***If you do no have a résumé please submit your name, number, and years of experience.***


  1. Project Coordination:
  • Coordinate carpentry activities on projects.
  • Collaborate with project managers, and other team members to ensure project specifications and timelines are met.
  1. Team Leadership:
  • Lead and supervise team , ensuring productivity and quality standards are maintained.
  • Provide guidance, training, and support to team members.
  1. Carpentry Expertise:
  • Perform high-level carpentry tasks
  • Ensure that all work meets industry standards and follows blueprints, plans, and specifications.
  1. Quality Control:
  • Conduct regular inspections to ensure the quality and accuracy of carpentry work.
  • Implement corrective actions as needed to address deficiencies.
  1. Safety Compliance:
  • Enforce safety protocols and regulations on-site.
  • Conduct regular safety meetings and training sessions for the carpentry team.
  1. Material Management:
  • Coordinate with suppliers to ensure timely delivery of materials.
  • Manage and organize materials on-site efficiently.
  1. Cost Control:
  • Monitor project budgets and work towards cost-effective solutions.
  • Provide input on material selection and procurement.
  1. Communication:
  • Maintain open and clear communication with management, office and customers
  • Report progress, issues, and solutions to project managers and other relevant parties.


  1. Valid Driver’s License
  2. Available to work flexible schedule
  3. Proven experience as a Lead Carpenter
  4. Strong carpentry skills, including framing, finishing, and reading blueprints.
  5. Leadership and team management abilities.
  6. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  7. In-depth knowledge of safety regulations and best practices.
  8. Ability to troubleshoot and problem-solve effectively.


  1. Based on years of experience between 70k-80k

Education and Certification:
A high school diploma or equivalent is a plus.

Certification in carpentry or a related field is a plus.

Bilingual / Spanish speaking is a plus.

Join our team and contribute to the success of our exciting and dynamic projects.

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